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Eiði [[ˈaiːjɪ] ( listen)] (local pronunciation: [IPA: [ˈɔiːjɪ]]) (Danish: Ejde) is a large village located on the north-west tip of Eysturoy, Faroe Islands.

Its name means isthmus in the Faroese language. The town has a population of 669 inhabitants. In the center of the village there is a large stone church from 1881. It was built in connection with the village’s centennial.

The village’s football team is EB/Streymur. It was founded 1993 as a merger between Eiðis Bóltfelag and Ítróttarfelagið Streymur.

Eiði bay
Within walking distance of Eiði is the 343-meter-high promontory Eiðiskollur, from the top of which a beautiful view can be had over the sea and the islands, including a view down onto Risin og Kellingin, two legendary rocks that rise 75 meters up from the sea.
A couple of kilometers south-east of Eiði is a dammed lake called Eiðisvatn. The water from the dam supplies a hydroelectric power station below. At Eiði, there is a LORAN-C station. The mast of the facility may be the tallest structure on the Faroe Islands.

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